Painting with an iPad



These paintings were produced using an iPad working from photographs taken on location. The process involves the use of appropriate software, a stylus and at times finger painting

In painting with the iPad, there are no short cuts to the acquisition of key skills. The hardware (the iPad) and the software are merely tools…used in the right hands and with the right experience, the results can be surprising. The software is intuitive; the range of media and materials available is extensive and it is quick to respond with a wide variety of brushes. Nevertheless, given all this…it still requires the dexterous touch and vision of the artist.

The sources of inspiration for our work are varied, but in the main these come from travel.

Paintings from these prints can be produced to a large scale with no loss of resolution. Like all work for sale on this website, work can be printed on to a range of materials and surfaces e.g. canvas, acrylic, etc. All work is also available as giclee prints on a selection of museum quality archive papers.

Prints produced using this technique are available as ‘limited edition’ prints. For more information, please contact me via or click on the link below…

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