GrazingAt RestRevealedThe KingGolden EagleCotswold Swan A Veritable Feast - Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire.Mother LoveThe VisitorMidnight CowboyDid you see that? - Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, S.Wales.You put your left leg in... - Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, S.Wales.Time for a Drink - Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.Shake it all over - Slimbridge, GloucestershireAre you kiddin' me? - Giraffe, Hamilton Zoo, North Island, New Zealand.Mud, mud, glorious mud -  Hamilton Zoo, North Island, New Zealand.Oblivious - Seal at Kaikoura. South Island NZ.Tiger, tiger, burning bright...: - Hamilton Zoo, North Island, New Zealand.Up Close and Personal - Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire.Departure - River Severn, Worcestershire.Dragonfly - Bodnant, N.Wales.Who Me?' - Pheasant, Landkey, N.Devon.Lookout - Puffin, Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire.

‘There is probably no more challenging subject for cameras than wildlife. This is why it is so universally popular. Whether it is digital or film, polar bears or flycatchers, the quest for the perfect shot is endless. It is not like photographing a building, wedding or landscape where the subject matter is more obliging or pliable.The quarry is invariably erratic, endangered and elusive.However the pursuit of this precious image is what makes it such fun, so rewarding. It should not be in a competitive way; sadly some rapacious photographers seem to leave their code of ethics at home, if they ever had any, even some well known professionals care little for the precarious nature of their environment.

The image should never take preference over the situation.’