Look behind youSet of WheelsWhat's in the Boot?Quay ReflectionOn the AngleDifferent ViewImpressionismCroatian ReflectionSculpturalPainted in OilsThe EyeThe TubeRooftopFly AwayDistortion 1Distortion 2Distortion 3Distortion 4Through the WindowEnclosedConiston ReflectionCornish RockFlowing Wall 1Flowing Wall 2Flowing Wall 3The Wall and the TowerFirst Floor...Going Up!Florentine ArchesGunneraHulkIn MemoriamKaikoura KelpLight and ShadowStanding on the CornerMarqueyssacNghaurahoe Triptych 1, North Island, NZ.Nghaurahoe Triptych 2, North Island, NZ.Nghaurahoe Triptych 3, North Island, NZ.Reflection : Down Under'RippleSea, Sky and RocksStairway to HeavenRed and Green... Te Papa, Wellington, NZ.

¬†Abstract compositions are intriguing…in these images the focus is on the visual elements…shape, colour, pattern, texture, point, line and so on. At times the subject matter will be obvious…and on occasions this will be less clear. In each case, the image has been carefully selected to create visual impact.