Beach : Budleigh SaltertonMarine Reserve : Budleigh SaltertonSundownCortona, Tuscany.La Galibe, Dordogne.Sierra Cabrera, Spain.Taguy, French AlpsThrough the Arch : Villedieu les Poeles, Normandy.Watersmeet, Devon.

Over many years, we have both been involved with promoting art education as central to the development of the individual, and in turn to the culture and ethos of society as a whole. A key characteristic of this has been the development of our own work – which itself is entirely organic.Like all artists, our work is a product of both the influences and the opportunities which present themselves to us on a daily basis. All of this is constantly changing in terms of approach, context, and the use of materials available. Whilst our ‘painting’ is often self indulgent we have also been commissioned to produce work to meet the needs of individual clients.