Agapanthus : ChiaroscuroCut Flowers Windswept 1Windswept 2Hemerocallis 1 Agapanthus : Come and get me!Allium 1Hemerocallis 2 Wisteria ArcadeAlstroemeria 4DoorbellRed and Green... - (Monarda Bergamot)Allium 2Agapanthus : First OutA New Dawn - (Agapanthus)Alstroemeria 5Galactic - (Spetchley Gardens, Worcester)Tendrils - (Spetchley Gardens, Worcester)'Breakout' - (Agapanthus)Agapanthus : StamenBokeh - (Spetchley Gardens, Worcester)Helleborus 1Alstroemeria 2Singularly BeautifulMagnolia in MonochromeQueen Anne LaceRed BouquetHelleborus 2HoneysuckleHelleborus 3Alstroemeria 1Hommage a Georgia O KeefeHelleborus 4Alstroemeria 6Sark ThriftScarlet Guardians Spring Bokeh Agapanthus : PetalSunlight - (Sidney Botanical Gardens, Australia)Signs of Spring - (Landkey, North Devon)Alstroemeria 3Helleborus 5

Creating a garden is like painting a picture. Considerable thought needs to be given to the different elements of the composition in terms of foreground, middle distance and background. The painter needs to take account of  the way in which different colours work together…or perhaps contrast to make a particular statement. Perspective and other visual elements are critical to ensuring the eye is carried through the picture, leaving the viewer with a sense of the whole and not just its constituent parts. At times, there will be a place to dwell and reflect on the detail in greater depth…isolating aspects of the picture whilst becoming lost in the feelings this creates. All of this and more is true of  the ways in which a garden is so carefully crafted.  In a similar way, as a photographer I have sought to capture something of the unique qualities evident in each image…where the colours, tones, textures and shapes of the flowers themselves tell their own story