Hampton Court Castle, Leominster.CathedraGolden HourTwisted CubeLooking back...Looking down...looking up!The CubeSpirographicThe EyeRooftopFly AwayDistortion 1Distortion 2Distortion 3Distortion 4The MinoriesThrough the Arch - Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucs.Gothic Detail - Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucs.Enclosed - Shopping Mall, Gloucester, UK.Victorian Staircase (Victoria Mall, Sidney, Australia.Just the right note - (Sidney. Australia)Worcester Cathedral - (Aerial View)Glass and Steel I (Art Gallery, Christchurch, South Island, NZ).Glass and Steel II (Art Gallery, Christchurch, South Island, NZ).Moonwalk - (Harbour Bridge, Sidney, Australia)Arm in Arm - (Victoria Mall, Sidney, Australia)Hommage a Escher (Victoria Mall, Sidney, Australia)Seeing the Light - (Symphony Hall, Birmingham)Reach for the Sky - (Hilton Hotel, Birmingham)Above and Below -  BirminghamIn Space - (Selfridges, Birmingham)In Space II (Selfridges, Birmingham)Puzzle - (Birmingam)Reflection : Viewpoint - (Selfridges, Birmingham)Ad Astra - (Selfridges, Birmingam)In Space III (selfridges, Birmingam)Puzzle II - (Birmingam)

Architectural Photography involves capturing the design details of structure in a creative manner. Sometimes this will mean photographing the whole building…at others, it may mean isolating aspects of the composition. The subject (on the whole) is static, and therefore in one sense easier to photograph. Taking pictures of buildings may begin as a tourist to record places you have visited…but the building(s) themselves pose questions of history and culture. ¬†Location, location, location…your viewpoint is essentially important when it comes to determining the composition you want to create…and the ‘look’ the client requires.