Art in the Workplace II

Initial vinyl decal designs for Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester.

Earth Triptych 2 - (Vinyl Decals)Earth Triptych 3 - (Vinyl Decals)Fire Triptych 1 - (Vinyl Decals)Water Triptych 1.- (Vinyl Decals)

Designs for subject specific murals.

In a large school this is particularly important, not least for new students when it comes to  becoming familiar with the geography of the building. These are large di-bond aluminium panels attached to both the interior and exterior walls.

Art and Design PanelDrama PanelGeography PanelHistory Panel 1History Panel 2Information & Communication Technology PanelPSHE PanelRE PanelSEN PanelTechnology Panel

Art in the workplace is very important when it comes to connecting people with their environment. There is evidence to show that ‘art in the workplace’ inspires creativity, contributes to communicating brand values and increases productivity. Employees subliminally experience a greater sense of self worth where care has been taken to create a positive working environment…they feel happier, which in turn reduces staff turnover. It has also been shown that business benefits from having an art strategy. Our aim is to work with clients in creating innovative and cost effective solutions. It is more than simply filling space. Space is as important as what you put into it. With this in mind, we seek to generate a climate of creativity and something which is life giving. Art reflects the ethos of the workplace and provides a context / talking point for employees and prospective clients. Our approach is  to work in close association with business so that both the management and the workforce experience some ownership over the work chosen. This ameliorates the way in which individuals engage with work on display.